Simple Domain Events with EFCore and MediatR

This post relates to the Domain Driven Design (DDD) concept of Domain Events. These events originate in the Domain Model and are broadcast within a Bounded Context. These are not ev...

development dotnet efcore ddd mediatR Jan 03, 2020

Quickly Create Your Own .NET Code Templates and Use Them From Anywhere

Whether you need to throw together a quick console app or scaffold an enterprise solution, it can be a real time suck just creating, naming and referencing projects. Setting up boile...

development dotnet automation nuget appveyor Dec 20, 2019

Publishing .NET Core NuGet Packages with Nuke and AppVeyor

This article builds on concepts discussed by Andrew Lock, Jimmy Bogard and Georg Dangl. Here we’re going use Nuke to make build, packaging and publishing even nicer!!!

development appveyor nuke dotnet nuget Dec 17, 2019